Frequently Asked Questions

What is your average contract length?

Unlike our competitors, our contract continues in effect unless and until either party gives thirty day written notice of its intention to terminate. We do not have you sign a one to three year contract that automatically renews.

Do you have employees or subcontractors?

All workers are employees of NBS. We do not sub-contract or franchise our labor.

Is NBS a local or national company?

NBS has been locally owned and operated since 1910.

Do your cleaners speak English?

All of our employees speak and understand the English language.

What type of facilities do you clean?

NBS can clean and has cleaned all types of facilities over the years. We have cleaned high rise buildings, medical, financial, industrial, educational properties, and everything in between.

What services do you perform?

We are one of the few cleaning services that has it own trained personnel on staff and the equipment to handle all special services. In addition to regular janitorial service, we offer flood restoration, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, construction clean-up, parking lot cleaning, pressure washing, and emergency situation clean-up.